Sports/Recreation (Brief information on Facilities available):

SPORTS : Keeping in view the Physical Health of the Trainees, every week a period under E.C.A is allotted for the sports activities like volleyball, badminton, tenicoit, etc.,

Every year annual sports is held and competitions are conducted in various categories like : Highjump, Longjump, Running, Discuss Throw, Javelin Throw, Cricket etc. Prizes are distributed on Annual Day.

RECREATION : Every year competitions are held in various entertainment spheres like : Singing , Rangoli, Mimicry. Every year Annual gathering is held & various entertainment Programmes are organized.

All national Festivals are celebrated.
Gandhi Jayanti, Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti, Teachers Day, Womens Day, National Safety Day are also celebrated. Competiotion like Essay Writing, Speech Competition are held.
Hence, care is taken to insure overall development of the trainees.